Inbound Calling


Normally businesses can sell their products and services reasonably well. But at times it becomes difficult to patiently talk to their clients directly to sell their products and services. Most businesses cannot sell themselves - and that's enough. This is why most companies that have tried in-house customer call handling before are fully aware of the value of having an experienced inbound call center service partner.

For over 10 years, Assistele has provided first-class customer service to small businesses around the world. Our goal has always been to improve the Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) of our clients so that they can be on par - or even better - with their larger peers. With good call center performance for customers, small and midsize businesses can scale better. We have seen this happen with our client's hundreds of times. But, of course, it is equally important to provide better products and services to ensure genuine customer satisfaction.

We provide a wide range of services that will surely suit your needs, regardless of their specifics.
24/7 Answer service
We handle your call center service needs during off-hours, overcrowding and during holidays so your customers can have confidence and rely on your business. Make your customers happy, satisfied and share information with us!
Client support outsource services
Enjoy the latest call center technology with experienced call experts and customization of KPIs that will go hand in hand with your business growth. We have created and implemented advanced customer support process.
Multilingual call center services
Skip the language barrier and start entering foreign markets right away. We have nine languages on our belt for our incoming call services. We can also engage new agents with more specific language/dialects and accents, depending on your requirements.
Omnichannel contact center
Access a user-friendly 360-degree client solution via email, chat, phone and video. We offer an advanced, HIPAA compliant omnichannel call center with support for commonly used tools and CRM.
Technical support services
Get IT call processing support for half the price elsewhere. We have a proprietary process for helpdesk (tier 1 and tier 2 support), IT pre-sales helpdesk, help desk support, business application support, managed technical services, and high-end technical support (tier 3).
Virtual receptionist service
This service is very appreciated and effective at this time. Hire talented staff to manage administrative, functional operations and concierge services. Our agents are rigorously vetted, and we can select talent specific to your type of business.